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If you are tired of paying over 20% of your income to the IRS, then give Bryant A. Gaudette, CPA, a call. Bryant has tax strategies that may reduce your payout to as low as 5%. After doing taxes for over 30 years, Bryant has heard enough people complaining about never having enough money because of taxes. Bryant has researched what the high net worth individuals have been doing and is ready to bring those strategies to the residents of Katy and surrounding areas.

Income comes from four sources; W-2 income, 1099 income, K-1 income, and cash. My strategies work best for the clients that receive a large portion of their income from 1099’s, Cash or K-1's. There are strategies for those with W-2 income, but it is a little more restrictive.

Don't trust your tax preparation to just anyone. Call Bryant A. Gaudette, CPA in Katy, TX to schedule your appointment.